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Website Design

We understand choosing a website designer and creating a website can be confusing...and a bit overwhelming. At Katelyn Lee Design & Marketing Solutions, our goal is to make the process simple, fun and engaging along the way. We will help you create and maintain your website - from the initial phone call to the day we launch your site and beyond!

Ongoing Support and Management

Our websites are designed with an easy-to-learn editing interface so that if you'd like to take over once it's created, you can. But we know you're busy, so if you'd rather us continue to manage and update your website, we will!

Optimize your Web Presence

Once your website is up, we will optimize your site's SEO and also do a complimentary web presence audit to see what areas can be improved to reach more customers!


Have products to sell? Integrate an E-commerce shop onto your website to showcase and sell your products! Need help designing labels & packaging? We can help there too!

Email Marketing

Integrate an email capture function in your website to collect potential client's email addresses. Utilize email marketing to send automated messaging campaigns to turn them into purchasing customers. Ask us how! 

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Some Of Our Work

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