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New Business Startup Package for VIBE Coaching

New Business Marketing and Graphic Design Package with logo, business cards, photo editing, and website design

Checkout this New Business Marketing & Graphic Design Startup Package! Packages are fully customizable to your business needs. After a few brainstorming sessions, discussing business goals, and learning more about this personal trainer's vision (his vibe if you will 😎) we achieved the name VIBE as an acronym for Vital Improvements Based on Effort.

This custom Marketing & Graphic Design Package included logo design, business cards, photo editing, and a website design.

The finalized logo is bold, strong, and shows movement through a heartbeat to represent health and fitness.

The electric blue really helps this logo POP too. This logo looks great on apparel.

Want to know a secret?? I photoshopped the logo onto that shirt! Looks real huh?? Photo editing is one of my favorite things to do. I can sit for hours transforming photos into works of art.

I’ve actually been getting more into website design lately too and I must say, it is fun to switch up my tools and work on websites every now and then!

Contact me today to setup your FREE 30 minute Branding Strategy Call to set your business up for success.


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