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GBC's Marketing Materials are GLOWING!

GBC Safety Glow is a long-time client of Katelyn Lee DMS. From branding, website creation, marketing materials, and even print files for their clients ranging from the United States Navy to the International Medical Center in Saudi Arabia, we've been working together for almost 5 years now.

Product Catalogs

While e-commerce and digital catalogs are surely becoming more popular and the "norm" - Print Catalogs still exist!! Catalogs are a great way to showcase a full listing of all of your products with images, SKUs, names, descriptions, pricing, and more. Catalogs can also be uploaded onto your website for digital downloading, as well as emailed out to potential clients!

We created 2 catalogs for GBC Safety glow, one for their photo-luminescent product line and another for their UV-reactive products. Both lines provide safety in dark buildings or emergency situations by illuminating pathways and/or objects.

2021 is a new year to showcase your products in the best way possible. Would a print or digital catalog benefit your business?

business marketing materials direct mail USPS postcards

Direct Mailers

Direct Mailers are a GREAT way to get your brand in front of new clients. Postcards, like this one we created for GBC Safety Glow, are a cost-effective tool to market yourself in your communities.

The USPS offers many targeting tools to reach your ideal demographic and target audience. Sound overwhelming? No worries, I can help you narrow in on your niche :) Could a direct mailer help you get new customers? Let's chat!

CONTACT US for a FREE project consultation to discuss how catalogs & mailers can improve your marketing!

Product Catalogs and Postcards for business marketing materials


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